We strive to be more than just an EDI implementation services company. We build lasting relationships by actively working alongside each customer in a way that ensures the client is fully engaged at every step. Guiding, mentoring and teaching important aspects of the EDI trading network are just as important as the implementation itself. We understand the importance of building a successful B2B exchange and your ability to support your EDI system after the initial project is complete.

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Fortune 100 companies choose Focus E-Commerce

Your success as a trading community is only as good as your partner integration and ERP system throughput. Having the skill-set for both sides is what sets Focused E-Commerce apart and allows our customers to hire just one vendor for their entire EDI implementation; saving time and money on your ERP and EDI projects. It’s no surprise then that Subaru of America chose Focused E-Commerce because of their ability to quickly get vendors into the EDI exchange while ensuring high quality data mappings. Companies like Stemilt, Sugoi, Chicago Aerosol and Amazon trust Focused E-Commerce with their EDI projects due to our proven track record of attention to detail, dedication, support and knowledge.

Your 360 Degree EDI Vendor

While our EDI consulting services are constantly rated world class, we are not one to rely on those skills alone. Understanding the common obstacles faced by many customers, we have developed several unique applications that make EDI implementations easier and more cost-effective. A Web-based supplier portal makes non-EDI compliant vendors instantly successful. Standardized label applications easily fulfill UCC regulations. The Healthcare Portal has identified a critical need that allows insurance companies to streamline their eligibility, claims and payments processing. World class EDI training for any type of implementation. Cloud hosted EDI systems for our clients who don’t desire to maintain their own systems in-house. We are the only EDI vendor you will ever need.

  • Focused E-Commerce's flexibility was shown by their patience and focus on our systems. There were two company interfaces with very dissimilar systems structures that needed training and consulting work performed. . . Focused E-Commerce's on-site consultant did a great job of juggling both and completing the goals of the week. We even asked them back to verify our operations and to make suggestions. I highly recommend Focused E-Commerce to any company looking to go with EDI or that currently has a system.

    Michael Gilbertsen Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc., IT Manager
  • Focused E-Commerce was the right team to help us meet our electronic business needs and to help us electronically integrate with our distribution network. By choosing Focused E-Commerce as our partner, we were able to implement a solution that addressed our business's unique needs. The resulting solution will scale with our growth, without incurring significant costs.

    Wade Peddy Toni&Guy, CTO
  • Focused E-Commerce worked with Sterling and Microsoft for an entire week attempting to stabilize our Gentran EDI process. All of these efforts proved ineffective, and, on Friday, we made the decision to rebuild the Gentran server. Because of the success we experienced when Focused E-Commerce did the initial build of our Gentran servers, we immediately contacted you . . . Focused E-Commerce responded immediately with a plan to send Focused E-Commerce's consultant who is familiar with our system. He was on a plane Saturday morning to arrive in Secaucus at 10:00 a.m. Upon arrival, he immediately set to work saving the data needed to recover the system after the rebuild. He then worked with the network group to rebuild the system from the operating system up. This initial effort took from 11:00 a.m. Saturday until 6:00 a.m. Sunday. Focused E-Commerce worked with the Focused E-Commerce staff for 20 straight hours to restore the server to the point where we could transmit data. Focused E-Commerce's consultant returned Saturday at 3:00 p.m. to complete the rebuild and initiate data receipt capabilities. Once again, Monday morning, he was working to restore the client PC's and our development server to a working state. . . You can be sure Focused E-Commerce will call upon Focused E-Commerce for assistance in the future.  

    William Jenkins CS Integrated LLC, Director, Application Development
  • Focused E-Commerce handles pressure well and will voluntarily work overtime and take work home to meet a deadline. For example, we received a rush order from one of our customers for a complex mapping modification, including a completely different method for transferring the data. Focused E-Commerce's consultant not only made the extremely tight deadline, he beat it, yet he still produced a stellar, technically accurate fix that continues to work flawlessly. Sales, Marketing and Information Systems were quite pleased with his performance in this crunch. Even our president was impressed, and our customer was very happy to enjoy on-time product.

    Hank Taylor Rocknel Fastener, Inc., Senior Systems Analyst
  • Focused E-Commerce was a tremendous help to my employer and me. They helped us get our EDI business partners, which numbered approximately 15 at that time, up and running. I feel that Focused E-Commerce's consultant took our business situation and timeline very seriously. I have worked with other EDI specialists, and he was just by far the best.

    Debby C. Adams National Tobacco Company, IT

We are the only EDI vendor you will ever need!

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