Subaru of America manufactures the best all-wheel drive technology in today’s auto industry. Assembling a quality vehicle such as this requires a robust trading network with a fully integrated supplier system. Focused E-Commerce was chosen to help all of their vendors become EDI compliant because of our experience with many top Fortune 100 companies. We understand the importance of streamlining the manufacturing process using a full assortment of EDI mappings, technologies and techniques.

Expertise in creating mapping standards

With regional plants and vendors spread all over the world, Subaru faced unique challenges implementing their B2B network. In our first phase of Subaru’s project, we defined all the EDI document and process specifications. Next, the first suppliers were connected into the trading network and standards were established for the EDI communications with dealerships, suppliers, transportation vendors and everyone else involved in the B2B supply chain– including Subaru Japan. Following a new, defined process, everyone can now integrate quickly and easily.

Focused E-Commerce is the leader in both ERP and EDI integration.

Having the skills to help customers in all areas allowed them to provide further assistance to Subaru in their EDI integration into Oracle Applications. Strategically, Subaru is now in a position to take full advantage of the benefits EDI has to offer. Recognized as having one of America’s most effective and innovative IT departments, Subaru shares a best-in-breed approach with Focused E-Commerce in all areas of their business. Having uniform core values gives projects like this a higher degree of success and creates lasting business relationships.

Proven integration track record

As an Oracle Integration Partner, Focused E-Commerce has a proven track record with large ERP solutions. In addition to Oracle, we have experience configuring EDI for Sterling products along with SAP, Infor and many other vendors. Along with our world-class services, we actively develop a wide range of EDI applications aimed at making your next EDI project a success. An EDI Mapping Library, Supplier Portal, Healthcare Portal and a UCC Label Application are just a few of the ways we can help make EDI easy for you.

How We Made It Work

  • Routed data through Gentran:Server.
  • Used positional flat files and Gentran:Server so Subaru can track each shipment; who has the cars, what time they are delivered, and whether they arrive by truck or train.
  • Working directly with the banks, used migration software to establish one key place to track and audit all financial transactions: many banks, many Subaru dealerships, one centralized system.
  • Created and integrated a file with the existing Oracle application to allow Subaru to carry out electronic data interchange (EDI) with suppliers.
  • Defined and wrote the book on Subaru’s EDI guidelines, which answers suppliers’ questions and helps them resolve problems.
  • Structured the setup so communication and operations with Subaru Japan were undisturbed.

Trust the EDI vendor with a proven track record with world class companies like Subaru

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