EDI Data Translation, Data Mapping, and Data Management for Enterprises

IBM Sterling Gentran is a robust EDI and data translation solution for B2B communication. IBM Sterling Gentran combines powerful, adaptive data translation software, a reliable B2B communications system, user-friendly process control, and first-class support from IBM.

IBM Gertran EDI

For over 30 years, IBM Sterling Gentran has set the standard for enterprise-caliber EDI solutions. Sterling Gentran is one of the most trusted solutions for companies that exchange high volumes of business data.

As an IBM Business Partner, Focused E-Commerce has successfully deployed hundreds of IBM solutions for mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 brands. We have worked with IBM Sterling Gentran extensively and will gladly support your business through the implementation process.

What is IBM Sterling Gentran?

IBM Sterling Gentran provides a full suite of EDI services and solutions, such as EDI mapping, B2B document translation, as well as archiving and tracking of those documents.

IBM Sterling Gentran Features Include:

  • User-friendly mapping tool – Create mapping relationships through a point-and-click interface without having to translate documents from scratch.
  • Process control – Set the parameters for document processing based on your organization’s existing infrastructure and unique business needs.
  • Non-EDI format support – Meet compliance for a wide range of trading partner requirements, including support for XML documents, flat files, and other non-EDI formats.
  • Document manager – Explore stored documents and B2B transaction records with clear visibility.
  • Store-and-forward mailbox – A gateway for all inbound and outbound transactions through Sterling Gentran:Server.
  • B2B integration tools – Sync business data from other applications and systems with your EDI transaction services.
  • Auditing and archiving – Track all of your EDI documents to resolve problems and answer questions regarding your business transactions.
  • Business rule configuration – Create flexible business rules and document scheduling to prevent errors during document transactions.
  • B2B communications service – Managed complex B2B communications using a variety of protocols across multiple distributed platforms.
  • Open architecture – Develop new features and expand your business-specific capabilities by building on top of IBM Sterling Gentran.

IBM Sterling Gentran:Server

IBM Gentran:Server is available for Windows, UNIX, iSeries (AS/400), and zSeries (mainframe). The two most common Gentran:Server applications are for the Windows and UNIX operating systems.

  • Gentran:Server for Windows is an e-commerce EDI solution designed for the Windows client/server environment.
  • Gentran:Server for UNIX is an EDI solution that leverages the 32-bit, open systems environment of UNIX for B2B communication.

Both versions of Gentran:Server offer similar features and serve the same purposes, but each one has functionality adapted to its associated operating system environment.

Why Your Company Should Use Sterling Gentran

Manufacturers, healthcare providers, enterprises, Amazon suppliers, and other industries that require large amounts of B2B transactions rely on EDI to exchange documents and messages quickly and securely. All of that data going back and forth becomes a tremendous hassle to translate, store, and sync with existing business solutions.

Companies implement IBM Sterling Gentran:Server to translate all of their EDI data, control their EDI processes, and maintain strong B2B communication systems. Without the ability to communicate and solve problems quickly, your business partner relationships could suffer, and your company could fall behind in the market.

Backed by the world-class support of IBM and industry-leading performance, IBM Sterling Gentran is the trusted EDI solution for enterprises and e-commerce businesses around the world.

As an IBM Business Partner, Focused E-Commerce will identify and implement the IBM Sterling Gentran solution that best suits your business needs and budget requirements. We can even cut your IBM Sterling Gentran implementation costs by 65%!


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