Our Core Values

At Focused E-Commerce, words like trust, relationship, value, and loyalty are at the core of our value system. We strive to give the customer more than expected by finishing each project in a fraction of the time and significantly reducing implementation costs. Earning your trust and delivering a sound, proven solution using open and honest communication makes Focused E-Commerce a unique vendor in EDI and ERP implementation services.  As experts in EDI for Oracle and many other ERP solutions, we can help you establish a flexible B2B platform that grows with your business. We use best of breed practices along with innovative applications designed to save you time and money. Helping many top Fortune 100 companies implement successful e-trading networks has given us an opportunity to implement many types of EDI documents in a wide variety of environments, product lines and industries.

Trust the same company that Amazon trusted with their Kindle.

We understand that every project is different and customers have a range of goals and budgets. Focused E-Commerce offers unique and innovative tools to help you implement EDI with your providers, regardless of their technology. Specialized EDI Hosting Services by Focused E-Commerce removes the burden of purchasing hardware and resources to create and maintain your trading network. Let us do all of the work and support your solution.

Lower Implementation Costs

Return of Interest (ROI)

Our clients report 65% lower implementation costs and 100% ROI in 18 months or less.

The only vendor that can handle all aspects of your EDI implementation.

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