You are a professional working at an organization that has or will have EDI.  You realize that EDI is one of the faces you show your customer and you recognize that it is very important to your organization.  Your CIO and CEO have decided to invest in this technology to help the organization be successful, grow, and deepen its relationship with its most valuable trading partners.


Be a Valuable Asset to Your Organization

You want to get up to speed to do your part to help your organization succeed.  You want hands on training from experts to:

  • Leverage their experience to jumpstart your organization
  • Learn it quickly and correctly the first time
  • Avoid costly missteps
  • Help your organization benefit fully from its investment

edi_training_quoteLearn Your Way

At EDI YOUniversity you will learn EDI quickly and efficiently.  No matter what your learning style is:

  • Vocal
  • Visual
  • Hands On
  • Repetition

You will get what you need to learn the material and make it stick.  In addition to an overview of the class of each section, the material will come alive for you through:

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Case studies from renown companies
  • Self administered and self graded quizzes (which only you will see!)

Make it Stick

Ever take a class where you learn the material one week only to forget over the weekend?  You will not have that problem when you attend our classes.  You will leave each class not only with the knowledge you have gained in your class but with your class workbooks which will include:

  • Overview of the material
  • Review of each section
  • Exercises completed by you
  • Your self-corrected quizzes
  • All of the class notes
  • Complete Glossary of all key terms
  • Plus 4 hours free phone access to YOUniversity staff and technical support experts to be used for any type of question that is in any way related to the material, all the way up to Level 3 Technical support

Classes for Everyone

No matter what EDI software you use, even if it is a hosted service, our EDI Essentials class is a fit.  This class covers EDI topics that apply to every EDI enabled organization, regardless of industry or software solution.

Become an EDI master with our YOUniversity training courses!

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