Stemilt Growers, the world’s largest cherry producer, has always been the leader for introducing new technology in their industry. From state-of-the-art sorting and packing facilities to QR codes on their packaging; Stemilt has embraced new ideas that cut costs, reach new customers and simplify their business. This type of approach made partnering with Focused E-Commerce an easy decision. Tasked with establishing a complete B2B solution, Focused E-Commerce was the logical choice because of their vast field expertise in a host of markets and industries.

Farming in the rich volcanic soil of the Washington State hills since 1893, Stemilt has enjoyed incredible success. As a private, family run business since the day they started, the Mathison’s chose the Native American word for ‘foothills’ as their moniker and it has stuck ever since. Implementing EDI at such an established company like Stemilt requires a true understanding of how they interact with their producers and growers. Stemilt takes pride in offering organic fruit and has made a name for delivering high quality products. It was imperative that Focused E-Commerce not disrupt day to day business.

Our EDI team helped Stemilt implement an EDI network with customers such as Target, Wal-Mart, Meijers and Hannaford Brothers. Ensuring their customers were EDI compliant and capable of submitting and transforming a host of EDI documents was an important goal for Stemilt. We were able to integrate each customer regardless of their EDI requirements and communication protocol.

This implementation also involved creating an end-to-end EDI system that included integration with Oracle applications R12. Data extraction, document mappings, transformations and communications were all critical elements of the project. Lastly, an EDI monitoring system was established that provided visibility into all of their EDI documents; even within Oracle applications.

Focused E-Commerce has a proven track record of helping businesses from every type of industry successfully implement EDI.

We are the only vendor with the skills to help with your Oracle, SAP or Infor ERP system while also creating EDI mappings and transformations. Our expertise in bringing EDI for Oracle suppliers onboard makes establishing your trading network quicker and easier. Training and mentoring you and your suppliers is a top priority for us.

Along with world-class EDI and ERP services, Focused E-Commerce has also developed cutting-edge applications that make EDI easier to implement and drastically cut costs. Applications that target non-EDI compliant suppliers can help you reach every provider. Expertise, client success and economical solutions are the hallmarks that make Focused E-Commerce the right choice for any EDI project.

Trust the EDI vendor with a proven track record with other world class companies

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