Superior Vision is a vision and eye health provider offering a comprehensive suite of vision and eye health solutions for consumers, employers, and health plans. As a national industry leader, Superior Vision utilizes state-of-the-art technologies in vision care while making the best care possible affordable for their clients and members.

Superior Vision

 The Problem

As a growing leader in vision and eye health, Superior Vision found they were operating with multiple administrative solutions across several states. They needed to communicate with hundreds of trading partners, many requiring varying data formats. Superior Vision needed to be able to exchange large amounts of files, some very large. Moreover, Superior Vision was using multiple translation engines, communication packages, and data flows to manage their data.
Superior Vision approached Focused E-Commerce asking for a single solution to unify their internal systems while optimizing their B2B communications with trading partners.


We met with stakeholders of Superior Vision to evaluate their current data processing situation. Superior Vision expressed the growing pains of a company quickly expanding. Disjointed IT systems, poor visibility, they wanted to be able to respond and resolve issues as they arose. As a leader in their field, Superior Vision hoped to have an administrative system that was as modern as their care in an environment that is tightly regulated by tight compliance laws governed by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The Solution

After speaking extensively to Superior Vision, we knew right away that IBM Transformation Extender Advanced (ITXA) was the perfect solution for Superior Vision. IBM ITXA would give them all the processing power they could ever hope for while addressing other issues discovered.

How IBM ITXA suited the needs of Superior Vision:

  • Robust Data Processing – ITXA utilizes IBM’s universal translation engine giving Superior Vision enterprise level processing power to move massive files and large amounts of files quickly.
  • Easy Onboarding – Superior Vision had hundreds of trading partners. ITXA allows for simple trading partner onboarding, greatly expediting the process.
  • Unified System – ITXA is compatible with the entire suite of IBM IT systems allowing Superior Vision to utilize existing maps and saved Superior Vision thousands of dollars on migration.
  • Manages Multiple Data Formats – Superior Vision was managing files in different formats: flat file, EDI, CSV, and more. IBM ITXA is a powerful transformation engine and was the perfect solution to manage the varying data formats.
  • Scalability – IBM ITXA not only met Superior Visions current needs but will meet all of their data processing needs for the foreseeable future.


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