You need a curriculum that will meet you where you are and that will take you where you want to go.  You want a curriculum that will help you ramp-up quickly, remember the material, be able to use the knowledge you gain on day to day basis.  In short, you want to maximize your investment.

EDI YOUniversity has the courses you are looking for.  Taught by experts with a minimum of 6 years of real-world EDI experience, these courses are packed with the information you need to succeed.  In addition, every class is backed by 4 hours of free phone access to our YOUniversity staff and FEC Technical Support.

EDI Essentials – 2 Days

In this class you will gain an understanding of what EDI is, how it works, the key terminology, the structure and types of documents, various architectures, technologies, etc.  You will also get an introduction to communications, data transformation, and trading partner management, and other important concepts.
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IBM Sterling Gentran:Server/B2BI Mapping 101 – 2 Days

In this class you will learn the basics of mapping.  You will put this knowledge to work through hands-on exercises as you develop inbound and outbound maps and use them to transform data.
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IBM Sterling Gentran:Server/B2BI Mapping 201 – 1 Day

You will tackle ever more complex maps and master powerful techniques in this class.
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