Faster, More Cost-Effective EDI and Infor Implementation

Infor’s Enterprise Resource Planning software suite is used globally by thousands of customers in areas such as the aerospace, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. Designed to help cut production and operational costs, Infor is a great choice for companies looking to implement an ERP solution for the first time or replace an obsolete package.

Without quality, error-free transactions, your entire trading network is in jeopardy. You need properly mapped EDI documents and the necessary exception handling in place to make your EDI for Infor implementation a success.

We leverage hundreds of our existing EDI document mappings to provide quality and error-free transactions, ensuring your first venture into EDI is a success.


ERP Visual

Infor’s manufacturing-specific solution, ERP Visual, targets custom engineering vendors. Because of the diverse nature of their orders and processes, ERP Visual provides a rich suite of functional tools that seek to reduce inventory, raise productivity levels and reduce lead times.  Vendor implementation of EDI with Visual Manufacturing suppliers into the supply chain must be incredibly quick.

Our Unique Advantage

Finding a vendor experienced in EDI for Infor that can provide lower implementation costs is important for your business. Customers want a solution that does not drain their financial resources on an implementation that lasts several years.

At Focused E-Commerce we make this concern our own.  It’s no wonder that our clients report 65% lower implementation costs and 100% ROI in 18 months or less.

For all of your other Infor needs, we have partnered with BizTech.


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