Because You Deserve Visibility With an EDI Solution


As a leader in vision and eye health, Superior Vision had acquired multiple vision centers across several states and had a growing need for a cutting-edge administrative platform to complement their modern vision care technology.
At the forefront of Superior Visions concerns were the abilities to quickly and attentively troubleshoot and respond to issues regarding vital documents they exchange with hundreds of trading partners.

Unified System

Accelerated growth creates unexpected IT challenges. Superior Vision was experiencing a disparity in data flows, they had multiple technologies working towards the same objectives, and utilized varying communication packages and translation engines to process documents. Superior Vision was also exchanging a large volume of files, often very large files.

In a tightly regulated, HIPAA governed environment, Superior Vision desperately needed a unified system to manage and process documents from trading partners. Moreover, they needed a solution powerful enough to process massive amounts of data efficiently and with ease. Finally, they wanted company-wide visibility so that the appropriate team members could access the documents needed for expedited resolution.


 Processing Meets Visibility


After meeting with the stakeholders of Superior Vision, evaluating their current IT infrastructure, and discovering their current and anticipated needs, we knew IBM ITXA was the perfect solution for Superior Vision. However, ITXA would not provide the desired visibility, and ITXA still needed a solution to fully operate.

Focused E-Commerce developed Etracks as a custom solution to address the remaining needs of Superior Vision.
Learn more about Superior Vision’s IBM ITXA implementation

ITXA + Etracks

Etracks by Focused E-Commerce is a complete EDI solution providing full functionality to IBM ITXA while granting visibility to the entire EDI flow.

The benefits Superior Vision gained through Etracks:

  • Standardized Data Flow – Etracks gave Superior Vision company-wide solidarity to its flow of data.
  • Trading Partner Management – Etracks allows for simple trading partner management optimizing B2B relationships and compliments ITXA’s simple trading partner onboarding.
  • 360-Degree VisibilityEtracks provides a single source of visibility and notifications with documents and data allowing expedited resolutions for invalid documents. Moreover, gaining complete visibility of their electronic documents allows customer service team members to retrieve documents without having to contact the IT department.
  • WEDI Solution – Etracks is a fully automated WEDI solution and provides WEDI validation up to level 6.
  • Built-in Workflow – Etracks also has a built-in and customizable workflow saving Superior Vision thousands of consulting dollars. Also, gaining a built-in workflow allowed Superior Vision to save on their most precious asset: time.

While ITXA + Etracks doesn’t carry near the same amount of features as IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, it doesn’t carry the price tag and implementation time either. ITXA + Etracks is a cost-effective solution that provides unprecedented visibility and ease of use compared to competing EDI data processing solutions.

The Result

Superior Vision boasts of optimizing their “administrative platforms and leverage enabling technology to enhance service, expand access, and deliver state-of-the-art program administration.
Providing Superior Vision with a scalable, comprehensive EDI solution tailored to their needs has created an ongoing relationship. At Focused E-Commerce, we meet EDI and ERP challenges head-on. With every met challenge is a solution.



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