For most of your suppliers, the high costs associated with EDI integration make it difficult for them to get onboard with your extensive B2B ERP solution. Budget, personnel and systems limitations prevent them from participating in your technology driven trading network.  Our unique Web Based Supplier Portal is capable of automating order, invoice and shipping functions, creating a fully integrated supply chain. This web application helps bridge the gap between your large, complex ERP product and a small supplier with limited funding and technology.


Standardize Supply Chain Processes

By joining non-EDI suppliers with your EDI exchange, our Supplier Web Portal allows you to fully integrate all of your suppliers and realize the benefits of a streamlined order entry, invoice and payments process. With this robust and effective solution you can receive your orders electronically, standardize your document mappings and, most of all, lower costs related to manual data entry, paper and error-prone disputes. The Supplier Web Portal is the perfect mechanism to help you create homogeneous processes and build product and inventory redundancy. Ultimately, this application will help influence lower product costs and cycle times plus increase availability.

A Secure and Reliable Alternative

Making the leap to a Web-based supply chain solution can be intimidating for most Non-EDI suppliers.  Our EDI supplier web app is infinitely scalable and provides your own security credentials enforced by the latest and most robust in portal security technology.

Fanatical Support and Economical

We are committed to providing the highest quality support of any EDI vendor. Our staff has years of field experience helping all types of suppliers, manufacturers and other businesses implement successful B2B supply chains. Knowing how to support Non-EDI vendors is one of our most common functions. In addition, we understand the value of reliable communication channels and effective document interchanges. The success of your business relies on transactions processing efficiently and error-free.  In addition, our intuitive Customer Web Portal keeps cost down with no recurring monthly fees.


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