A Simple and Compliant EDI Labeling Solution

In an effort to standardize aspects of the global supply chain, the Uniform Code Council (UCC) has created a UCC128 label designed to help identify specific information about a shipment, vendor, contents, ship to location and the sequence of cartons on a pallet. This unique label has become the golden standard among suppliers, manufacturers and shippers because of the wealth of information it contains; combined with the fact that trading partners can easily identify information on any pallet or carton.

UCC Label Simplicity

Our solution for UCC labels is tightly integrated with many ERP’s and enables you to quickly comply with tough EDI labeling and ASN requirements while streamlining processes. In addition to automatically printing the correct labels and generating compliant ASN’s, this product will also generate the correct paperwork and much more. Learn more and call today!

Choose Your System

Focused E-Commerce has years of experience integrating EDI for Oracle and are very familiar with the Oracle bar code printing process.  Our UCC Label Application easily integrates with Oracle’s ERP solution and any other B2B software suite, such as Infor and SAP.  Our UCC label application even works without a warehouse management system. With very little investment, this simple application can ensure total UCC and EAN compliance and even arranges for a corresponding ASN to be generated. Simple but effective applications such as this substantially improve relationships and ratings with your customers. Systems become coordinated and transactions flow seamlessly through your supply chain.

Years of experience allowed us to make a UCC label app that:

  • Makes final shipping preparations quicker and easier.
  • Gives you seamless EDI integration simpler for suppliers.
  • Cuts your operational costs.


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