Ready to create an in-house EDI team? Let the EDI experts help.

Putting together your new team of EDI capable masters can be challenging. Meet the challenges head on with over 30 years of EDI experience.

You can count on our proven EDI curriculum, delivered by EDI specialists. Our corporate training EDI instructors are full-time senior EDI experts and consultants. We tailor your EDI training to the needs of your business. We’ll collaborate with you to identify immediate and vital EDI topics essential to operating and managing your EDI system. We will also assist in discovering the ideal size, and roles necessary, for an optimized EDI system ran by a team of EDI capable masters.

You want to master EDI in the everyday environment of your EDI team with the hardware they will be using. We get that. We will bring the EDI YOUniversity to you. We provide the EDI instructor, the materials for the course (we leave them with you for future reference and continued education), and each member of your EDI team will receive a certificate of completion.

The benefits of on-premise corporate training

No travel expenses. Rather than flying and lodging a whole team, on-premise training allows your staff to stay in the comforts of their homes.
Your training, your equipment. We customize your EDI curriculum to your company’s EDI needs. Learning hands-on with your hardware is ideal when training your team.
Training Materials. Need to add someone to your EDI team? You will have the materials you’ll need to train them and the trained staff to assist.
Cost-effective. We have found that individuals learn more efficiently in a team environment. Training a team rather than individuals is a productive and cost-effective approach to managing your EDI system.
Ongoing Assistance. Discover some questions after course completion? That’s normal, and we are here to assist ensuring your EDI team has the confidence and knowledge to implement what they learned in the course.

Your team, your turf. We bring the EDI University to you.

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