Competition among healthcare insurance vendors is fierce and often comes down to the unique services you can offer. Consider the process you use for filing healthcare eligibility requests. In most cases, third-party vendors provide these services, but at a cost. Over the course of a year, these recurring transaction fees can amount to a substantial investment.


Paying exorbitant yearly fees for functions that can be performed in-house no longer makes financial sense.

Switching to our No Fee Eligibility Portal dramatically reduces these fees by eliminating the middle tier processing vendor. This unique solution can streamline your entire healthcare eligibility and claims processes.

Bringing your providers into the EDI for Healthcare system can provide innumerable benefits for you and your customers.

  • Reduce the amount of errors resulting from poor data entry
  • Exponentially increase eligibility inquiry cycle times
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars in fees and transaction processing costs.

Healthcare Portal

Using a completely secure technology platform, the Eligibility Portal is part of a broader application called the Healthcare Portal.  Our custom healthcare web app is capable of processing thousands of transactions and can be customized to apply any customer specific business and routing logic. Developing your EDI mappings is easier than ever using the years of experience and deep library of mapping documents our project teams have built. Using our Eligibility Portal, you are guaranteed to remain current with any version updates CMS has made to Medicare/Medicaid rules.

We are dedicated to making the transition of your providers as easy as possible and can help every step of the way.


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