IBM Transformation Extender Advanced (ITXA)

Modular and Scalable Document Processing Developed for Healthcare and Supply Chain Companies

IBM ITXA is IBM’s most powerful and versatile transformation processing engine to date. Companies are now able to exchange a massive amount of files, large or small, with unprecedented ease and speed. Moreover, the number of processors companies require on IBM’s server generates the cost of ITXA making it cost-effective and the most scalable transformation engine on the market.

Robust Power with Simplicity

IBM ITXA provides enterprise level processing power with simple features saving companies time and money. ITXA utilizes IBM’s proprietary translator engine giving companies compatibility with existing systems such as GenTran, B2BI, and WTX. This reduces the time and cost of migration and allows companies to use existing maps.

Cost-saving simplicity

Simple trading partner onboarding

Enormous savings generated from reduced consulting dollars with ITXA’s easy trading partner onboarding.

Intuitive mapping

EDI mappers leverage their existing knowledge of GenTran: Server, WTX, and B2BI creating maps in ITXA with minimal instruction.

Ease of implementation

Relative to comparable transformation engines, ITXA’s installation and implementation processes are straightforward and efficient saving companies thousands of dollars and their most valuable asset: time.

Dynamic Enveloping

Use one set of envelopes for all outbound EDI files. ITXA dynamically places appropriate trading partner information on outbound transmissions

Is IBM ITXA Right For Your Business?

IBM ITXA is ideal for companies that want a powerful transformation engine at a modest price. ITXA carries comparable processing power to IBM’s feature-rich Sterling B2BI. While B2BI offers much more to companies, ITXA gives companies the features they need without paying for features they may not utilize.

Many companies are transitioning from GenTran to ITXA because they will benefit from IBM’s technology without the price tag of B2BI.

Focused E-Commerce’s IBM ITXA + Etracks grants complete visibility and control of ITXA allowing the right people to manage the appropriate EDI data optimizing trading partner relationships while saving companies thousands of dollars.

Learn more about IBM ITXA + Etracks

Focused E-Commerce works with IBM on your renewals – saving you time, and money.

IBM ITX Industry Packs: Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Financial Payments

New or upgraded key features include SWIFT and SEPA support for Financial Payments; generic enveloping and de-enveloping with “re-enveloping” capabilities for Interchange level documents; and viewability and report generation through IBM Control Center integration.

IBM primarily developed Transformation Extender Advanced for three industry verticals: Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Financial Payments. All Packs come with complete document transformation support that includes compliance checking, metadata, and other document processing functions.

ITX Pack for Healthcare Payers

ITX Pack for Healthcare Payers

A perfect addition to ITXA for any company processing healthcare claims. ITX for Healthcare Payer is configurable and able to handle custom validations through ITXA’s interface.

IBM bundled and upgraded existing healthcare packs into one ITX Pack for Healthcare Payer to simplify administrative features of HIPAA.

ITX PACK for Healthcare Payer provides HIPAA compliance while supporting WEDI/SNIP levels 1-7.

  • HIPAA type 7 Companion Guide validation
  • Simplified trading partner onboarding by leveraging dynamic envelopes. One set of envelopes is to be used with multiple trading partners for functional acknowledgments
  • Support for the ICD-10 mandate
  • Application Reporting with 824
  • Dynamically separates valid claims from invalid claims
  • Compatible with Etracks
ITX Pack for Supply Chain EDI

ITX Pack for Supply Chain EDI

IBM bundled and rebranded existing supply chain Packs to simplify products. IBM bundled the X12, EDIFACT, and TRADACOMS Packs in the ITX Pack for Supply Chain EDI.

  • Simplified trading partner onboarding by leveraging generic envelopes. One set of envelopes is to be used with multiple trading partners for functional acknowledgments.
  • Current EDI Standards support

    • X12 version 7020
    • X12 RAIL V7020
    • EDIFACT D.14A and D.14B
  • TRADACOM features

    • Sterling maps utilized for complete enveloping and de-enveloping processing
    • Maps available for transform processing
    • Create an envelope built from a data file with autoenvelope support
ITX Pack for Financial Payments

ITX Pack for Financial Payments

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) templates with updated input cards supporting new SEPA standards releasing in November 2016.
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication templates for compliance validation.

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