Chicago Aerosol provides customized aerosol and non-aerosol packaging services for many industries and products, such as Endust and Behold. Initially, customers work with the R& D department to develop specific product mixture and bottling type. Next, Chicago Aerosol provides end-to-end services that include raw material storage, manufacturing and distribution. Using a specialized, high-speed production facility, Chicago Aerosol can produce a number of specific sprays, gels in either bottle or can, for several customers simultaneously. By working with their customers to build special business relationships and quality products, Chicago Aerosol has quickly become the vendor of choice for many industries requiring specialty aerosol products.

Tight project deadlines

Focused E-Commerce was contacted by Chicago Aerosol to help implement EDI for Infor in a very short timeframe. Due to tight project deadlines, an existing EDI mapping library was used to quickly implement the types of EDI documents needed for this project. Because of our experience with the Infor ERP solution, we were able to provide valuable assistance incorporating Chicago Aerosol’s existing manual order fulfillment, manufacturing and tracking processes into their new B2B network. Infor customizations were also installed to support a 3PL that we implemented EDI with in a previous project.

Achieving the impossible

Chicago Aerosol prides itself on providing the highest level of customer service and focuses on customized material development, new products and leading edge R&D. The level of service and dedication Chicago Aerosol gives to their customers are the same values Focused E-Commerce brings to each project. Helping our customers achieve what others deem as impossible separates us from our competitors.

Focused E-Commerce can help you achieve the same type of success that allowed Chicago Aerosol to complete significant EDI improvements and achieve substantial cost savings.

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