Enhance Business Communication by Implementing EDI and Contivo Analyst from Liaison

Whether your business is in the cloud or using on-premise systems, EDI with Contivo quickly transforms and relays data to trading partners and internal systems. Contivo Analyst from Liaison is a complete data transformation and integration solution that enables communication between every source and target.

With Contivo mapping, large and mid-sized businesses can reduce system maintenance costs while enjoying complete compatibility and portability across platforms.

EDI Liaison Contivo

Transform your documents in new ways

Contivo Analyst is a centralized metadata repository that seamlessly transforms documents using intuitive communications protocols. The innovative Enterprise Vocabulary Management (EVM) tool from Contivo allows businesses to tackle complex protocols and mapping challenges with ease.

EDI with Contivo automatically transfers documents in standard EDI formats to XML, AS2, FTP and other languages used by transportation and warehouse management software. Businesses can also transfer maps from SAP, Oracle, Cobol and ERP systems to Contivo, saving you time and money.

Using industry-accepted best practices, Focused E-Commerce has developed a five-phase process in order to bring you a winning EDI with Contivo implementation:

  • Benchmark analysis to determine your system’s current performance
  • Identify strategic improvements to your system.
  • Implement industry-accepted best practices across your system
  • Test complete systems to ensure quality, reliability, and speed.
  • Monitor systems to deliver consistent performance

Our thorough testing and error checking process is designed to achieve the ultimate combination of quality, reliability, and speed. System monitoring, checkpoint notifications, and enterprise visibility tools extend oversight to administrative officials and executives.

In a fast-paced world, the status quo is never acceptable. Your EDI system has to keep up the continually changing standards, platforms, and business needs.

With Contivo Analyst and universal Contivo mapping, businesses never have to sacrifice or compromise anything to create an adaptable and scalable platform. By linking EDI with Contivo to Liaison WebForm, Oracle, SAP and related systems, businesses can use Contivo as a core product that secondary business systems revolve around.

During the past ten years, the system engineers and Contivo experts at Focused E-Commerce have helped businesses evolve and implemented hundreds of systems.


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