EDI Healthcare Suite

A Comprehensive EDI Healthcare Solution for Insurance Providers

Optimize first-pass payment rates while reducing costs and expedite processing new enrollments accurately and with unprecedented speed

More than any other industry, the healthcare industry demands extreme levels of security and compliance while exchanging large amounts of data with trading partners carrying unique SLA requirements.

You can rely on Focused E-Commerce as your EDI experts to navigate you through the complexities of Healthcare EDI while granting you the visibility and efficiency needed to manage transaction lifecycles.

Any-to-Any Data Standardization

Robust data translation will standardize inbound and outbound data in your preferred format while meeting all SLA Requirements.

Automated Prioritization

Customizable workflows and queues to automatically prioritize and assign task facilitated by our powerfully developed workflow engine.

Lifecycle Visibility

End-to-end visibility into claims and enrollments decreasing your administration expense while permitting effective troubleshooting.

Always HIPAA Compliant

Validation, testing, and compliance with WEDI SNIP levels 1 – 7, always keeping you compliant with HIPAA requirements.


Need to Integrate Healthcare Suite with your ERP?

Specializing in EDI implementation solutions and services, Focused E-Commerce carries over three decades of EDI and implementation experience so you can depend on us for tailored data and ERP integration solutions tailored for healthcare, vision, and dental payers.

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