Since 1987, Sugoi has provided high-quality apparel designed for endurance athletes. Starting small, Sugoi has come to represent the best technical apparel found in the athletic market today. Field tested by endurance athletes for 20 years, they have continued to improve their formula for success and the lightest, long-lasting and dependable clothing.

During that time, Sugoi sought to increase market share by implementing EDI. With less than desired results, Sugoi contacted Focused E-Commerce to come up with a fresh approach. After completely reassessing the order fulfillment processes we revamped the entire EDI system. Using the JD Edwards ERP solution, a complete EDI integration was implemented that quickly established a solid, robust platform that was scalable with Sugoi’s amazing growth. Since that time several new customers have been brought onboard resulting in an average sales increase of 58% per trading partner. With a proven EDI formula, new customers have come off the sidelines giving Sugoi a chance to fully analyze and adjust their fulfillment processes; specifically large orders. By significantly reducing charge backs Focused E-Commerce helped Sugoi center complete attention on their customers’ needs.

Some customers refer to our skills as ‘incredible’; it is fitting that Sugoi means just that in Japanese.

Focused E-Commerce’s successful JD Edwards B2B project at Sugoi further demonstrates how resulting sales growth can provide immediate dividends. The type of success at Sugoi bears reiterating our mission statement: 100% budget predictability, 65% lower implementation costs and 100% ROI in 18 months or less.

Kevin Chow – “At Sugoi Performance Apparel we aren’t totally strangers to EDI. We have implemented one customer using a third-party EDI vendor which was a nightmare. There were a number of issues with that third-party vendor which took over 12 months to resolve. With Focused E-Commerce, we had a fresh approach as our new EDI partners. Since February 2010, we have implemented 6 customers with Focused E-Commerce and saw significant increases in Sales with an average increase of 58% over last year on pre-existing customers and significant “first-buys” from new customers who only agreed to signed up once we had a stable EDI platform.”

Our implementation with EDI helped us identify some of the weak points in our order fulfillment process and really streamlined our ability to fulfill large orders. Working with Focused E-commerce we have incurred very few charge backs which really helped us put more focus on the customer and fulfilling orders based on the what the customer wants. EDI has definitely changed our game plan.

Trust the EDI vendor with a proven track record with world class companies like Sugoi

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