Focused E-Commerce Delivers Results

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s Goal: Integrate XML orders from their website into Oracle Applications within three weeks.

  • Met the deadline and delivered to investors a flawless demonstration, after which the client’s website was launched.
  • Automated the system so all orders correctly loaded – without human intervention.

How We Made it Work

  • Assigned one Focused E-Commerce team member to handle EDI Gateway and another to focus on an EDI communcation/translation solution.
  • Reviewed and correctly configured EDI Gateway.
  • Tested the inbound files, corrected a problem with the processing, and loaded the data into Oracle Applications.
  • Resolved problems with new orders being loaded into Oracle Applications Order Entry Module.
  • Resolved XML issues with EDI and created a file defined by Focused E-Commerce’s EDI Gateway person.
  • Set up FTP communications and resolved issues related to processing.
  • Resolved XML mapping issues to ensure that data correctly loaded into Oracle Applications.
  • Conducted a system-wide test of orders entered from website.

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