The basics and benefits of EDI

This class is designed to give you (and members of your organization) a basic understanding of electronic data interchange (EDI). You will learn the capabilities of EDI and how it benefits your company. We will give you an overview of common EDI protocols and standards. And, you will gain an understanding of EDI terms and technologies. You will get to experience and utilize EDI software to help familiarize you with exchanging EDI data.
EDI Essentials is the first step to becoming an EDI master and will prepare you for EDI Mapping 101.


What You will Learn

  • How EDI Works
  • What EDI is
  • The types of EDI
  • EDI Standards
  • The components of an EDI Document
  • The structure of an EDI Document
  • How to “read” EDI
  • How to read EDI Specifications
  • Commonly used EDI documents
  • Various ways documents are communicated
  • Technologies used to implement EDI
  • What EDI mapping is
  • The various types of maps
  • What mapping can do
  • Various formats that EDI is mapped into
  • How EDI is integrated with internal applications
  • Overview of trading partner management
  • The ways different organizations implement EDI
  • How EDI can benefit your company
  • Common hurdles and how to overcome them
  • How to plan for an EDI implementation in your organization

This Course Will Also Include:

Case Studies
Various case studies such as how companies like Honda of America uses EDI to be a world-class auto manufacturer.
Several hands-on exercises giving you experience with key EDI concepts and practices.
On-Going Support
Every YOUniversity Alum has access to 4 hours of free phone access to YOUniversity staff.

Upcoming Training Dates

No upcoming training currently scheduled

Prerequisites: None
Recommended Next Course: EDI Mapping 101

Everyone starts somewhere. When you leave this class you will be able to discuss EDI and its capabilities with other members of your organization. You will be able to help them see how it can benefit the organization. You’ll also be ready to take our EDI Mapping 101 and 201 courses!

Become an EDI master, take one of our EDI Training Courses today!

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