How IBM B2BI Dramatically Improves Your Business Communication

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Sychronize Business Processes and Protect Your Data at all Times With IBM B2B

For growing businesses and established enterprises, business communication requires far more capability than email and instant messaging apps can provide. In fact, the majority of business communication is automated at a large scale between various applications and systems.

Maintaining business communication at such a scale typically requires the use of tens or hundreds of separate applications. Your IT team then has to find creative ways to try to sync everything.

As you might have figured out the hard way, many systems simply don’t sync up. This creates gaps in communication that lead to delays, errors, and poor visibility.

Fortunately, IBM offers a robust solution that addresses all of these problems. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (B2BI) completely transforms your business communication by integrating all of your B2B transactions and processes in a single solution.

Any-to-Any Data Mapping and Translation

As your supply and demand chains expand, your organization ends up communicating with EDI standards, XML standards, Internet standards, and a wide variety of other data formats – and those are just the data formats required for data while it’s in transmission.

All of those communication transactions have to then convert to data formats that are compatible with each separate software solution you’re using. Needless to say, all of this creates a ton of work and stress for your IT team.

IBM B2BI is a lifesaver because it’s the only solution of its kind to offer true any-to-any data mapping and data translation. No matter what kind of data formats you use, the included multipurpose data transformation engine and graphical data mapping tool allow for smooth communication between any system or application.

True End-to-End Visibility

When similar solutions say they offer end-to-end visibility, what they really mean is that you have full visibility of documents and transactions within your internal network. IBM B2BI is unique in that it offers end-to-end visibility inside and outside the enterprise – that means you can track documents after your trading partners have received them.

True end-to-end visibility also means your business can locate and solve issues in real-time before they escalate into serious problems. With IBM B2BI, you’ll have a full birdseye view of your entire supply chain from a single dashboard.

Intelligent Onboarding

Before you can communicate with new trading partners, you have to go through the process of onboarding them into your system. Normally this is a painstaking process for your IT team – and it’s one that you have to repeat for every single new trading partner.

With IBM B2BI, the process is simplified by partner self-provisioning. As a result, new trading partners are available for communication in no time and your IT team has more time to spend on more valuable tasks.

First-Class Security

Secure communication is a top concern for all businesses and their trading partners. As we continue to see more and more data breaches on a regular basis, the harsh reality of cyber threats is a very real business risk.

IBM B2BI exceeds the highest regulatory security standards for B2B communication, including the requirements set by HIPAA for the healthcare industry.

IBM B2BI offers:

  • Encryption
  • Digital certificates
  • Role-based data access
  • Advanced authentication
  • Security for data in transit

You can rest assured that your data is safe while in transit and in storage. What sets IBM B2BI apart from other solutions is that its security measures protect your valuable data from security threats inside and outside your organization.

If your business needs better integration and tighter security for reliable, secure business communication, we can help you get started with IBM B2BI. Plus, as an IBM Business Partner, we can even save you time by working with IBM on your behalf and help you lock down a lower-than-market rate!

Learn more about IBM B2B Integrator here.


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