The 3 Most Valuable IBM Solutions for Healthcare Providers

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Improve Communications and Claim Management While Protecting Data and Meeting HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare providers face many of the same challenges that large enterprises do. They have complicated supply chains, increasing pressure for speed and accuracy in their communications, and a never-ending need to adapt to new technology.

However, healthcare organizations also have to deal with strict regulations, HIPAA compliance, and the threat of cyber attacks on the private information in patient documents. Fortunately, IBM has solutions specifically designed for healthcare providers and their many challenges. In this article, we share the three most valuable IBM solutions for healthcare organizations.

1. IBM Transformation Extender Advanced (ITXA)

IBM ITXA is a document processing engine unlike any other on the market. It’s also a lifesaver for healthcare organizations because it drastically improves healthcare claim management and helps you get paid faster.

Better healthcare claim management:

  • Quickly identify invalid claims
  • Get status updates of claims in real-time
  • Locate transactions related to specific claims
  • Reprocess and resend claims that contain errors
Fast Claims

With IBM ITXA, your organization is ready to accept all types of payments, including SWIFT, SEPA, and ISO 20022. Since ITXA ensures compliance with HIPAA Type 7 Comparison Guide validations, you always stay up to code with the latest regulations.

Learn more about IBM ITXA here.

2. IBM B2B Integrator (B2BI)

IBM B2B Integrator allows healthcare organizations to integrate all of their software and tech systems across multiple platforms. Unlike similar solutions that integrate different systems inside your organization, IBM B2BI can go “outside the enterprise” – after your trading partners receive data transactions, you may monitor the transactions through B2BI.

Two key features of IBM B2BI that are particularly important for healthcare providers are the enhanced security features and the HIPAA compliant communication methods.

Key features of IBM B2BI include:

  • Any-to-any data mapping/translation of all common EDI standards, Internet standards, and XML standards
  • Support for all standard B2B protocols and data formats, such as HTTP, HTTPS, AS1, AS2, AS3, S/FTP/S client and server, RosettaNet, WebDAV, and IBM file formats
  • Over 300 pre-built adapters for IBM solutions, SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and many others
  • End-to-end document processing automation
  • Real-time end-to-end visibility of all business processes and transactions
  • Intelligent onboarding to quickly add new trading partners to your network
  • Reporting dashboard, mobile tools, and other convenient features

IBM B2BI protects sensitive data with encryption, digital certificates, advanced authentication, role-based data access, and security measures for data while in transit. These available security protocols exceed the recommended guidelines set by HIPAA and ensure your valuable data is protected at all times.

Learn more about B2B Integrator.

3. IBM Subscription & Support (S&S)

The first two IBM products are direct solutions to a wide variety of challenges healthcare providers deal with on a regular basis. IBM S&S keeps those solutions up-to-date at all times. IBM S&S includes two services in a single subscription – 24/7 technical support and software upgrades for all of your IBM solutions.

Software upgrades are necessary because they allow you to get the latest version of an IBM solution without having to pay the retail price for it. This provides a higher ROI on your original investment and greater budget predictability because the cost of your IBM S&S service is the only ongoing expense for your IBM products. In other words, you never have to worry about making a large purchase if a solution were to become obsolete.

Plus, software upgrades are essential because the most common upgrades for any software solution are security updates, which healthcare providers definitely need. Included priority support only makes this deal even better.

Learn more about IBM Subscription & Support.

If your healthcare organization is interested in any of these IBM solutions, we can help you get started quickly. We have installed and configured a variety of IBM solutions for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. Plus, as an IBM Business Partner, we can reduce your implementation costs by up to 65% off the current market price.

We are here to answer all your EDI questions.

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