How to Simplify EDI Mapping and B2B Document Translation

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IBM Sterling Gentran Saves You Time with User-Friendly EDI Tools

As valuable as EDI is for businesses, it can also add a lot of extra hassle for your IT team. The EDI mapping and B2B document translation processes are usually time-consuming and tedious, to say the least.

That’s why enterprises using EDI turn to IBM Sterling Gentran to make everything so much easier. IBM Sterling Gentran empowers your IT team with simplified EDI tools and powerful software that turns complicated EDI processes into routine tasks.

Without IBM Sterling Gentran, your IT staff is stuck doing the same old manual processes that waste time they could be spending on higher-priority projects in your organization.

The EDI Mapping Process

Before you can exchange B2B documents with your EDI trading partners, you have to prepare the appropriate file formats for the method of communication you are using. The EDI mapping process takes the file in its original format and converts it into a format compatible with EDI – or it converts an EDI file to the format compatible with your related in-house software.

Individual EDI maps have to be created for every type of file you want to exchange, as well as for each application you are using and every trading partner in your network. Common formats that require data mapping include X12, EDIFACT, XML, flat files and many other non-EDI data formats. Most large businesses create data maps for their ERP software, CRM, warehouse management software, and other applications in their IT system.

EDI mapping requires specialized software to convert your files into a format compatible with EDI standards. However, if you have used EDI mapping software in the past, you probably know that many of these applications hardly take the work out of EDI mapping. Oftentimes the data mapping software makes the process more complicated than it needs to be.

The B2B Document Translation Process

Whereas EDI mapping sets the rules for how a message is exchanged and the file format used, B2B document translation is responsible for actually translating that data between different file formats. Both processes are necessary for successful B2B communication using EDI and other electronic formats.

Here is a quick look at the B2B document translation process:

  1. Extract data from original file format
  2. Create an outbound EDI message for trading partner
  3. Translate data from its original format to the correct EDI standard
  4. Send the message in its EDI format
  5. Receiving software then completes the entire process in reverse

Keep in mind, this process typically requires a member of your IT team to translate each document from scratch – mapping each data point to its appropriate category and alignment.

How IBM Sterling Gentran Simplifies Everything

IBM Sterling Gentran is a lifesaver for IT teams in large businesses and enterprises. It simplifies EDI mapping and B2B document translation while providing robust tools for B2B communication.

IBM Sterling Gentran includes:

  • A user-friendly mapping tool that lets you create mapping relationships with a point-and-click interface
  • Full process control allowing you to set parameters for document processing based on your organization’s software and specific needs
  • Non-EDI format support for all of your B2B document transactions
  • A document manager with full visibility of all B2B messages and stored data
  • B2B integration tools that sync your internal systems with your EDI services
  • Complete auditing and archiving of EDI documents
  • Custom business rule configuration for B2B documents and transaction scheduling
  • Protocols that enable complex B2B communications across multiple distributed platforms
  • An open architecture that allows developers to build on top of IBM Sterling Gentran for added customized capabilities

If your company is interested in IBM Sterling Gentran, we can help you implement this powerful solution in no time. We have installed and configured a variety of IBM solutions for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. Plus, as an IBM Business Partner, we can reduce your implementation costs by up to 65% off the current market price.

Learn more about IBM Sterling Gentran.

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