IBM Sterling Gentran: Still the most widely used EDI data translation software

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Staying power built on a user-friendly interface, scalability, and track record

It’s been over three decades since IBM Sterling Gentran burst into the EDI industry. Gentran was and is the most popular EDI solution for companies in both the healthcare industry as well as the supply chain industry.

IBM Sterling Gentran’s staying power is impressive to the least, and while IBM continues to migrate Gentran users to IBM B2B Integrator, Gentran will not be obsolete anytime soon.


Mapping Utility

A user-friendly point-and-click interface allows you to create maps with little training and with existing data. So, rather than having to start fresh with every document, for every trading partner, you can efficiently create maps from your existing inventory.

Supports Multiple Formats

Having the capability to map data into different formats including formats outside of EDI, Gentran is able to convert EDI documents into a format your internal systems can read. For example, if you have an incoming purchase order from a trading partner utilizing the X12 protocol and your company’s systems require documents to be in XML, Gentran can pull the data from the X12 purchase order that your system needs to fulfill the order.

IBM Sterling Gentran supports a variety of trading partner requirements making Gentran a versatile and reliable EDI solution.

Ability to Migrate to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

The reason IBM Sterling Gentran continues to be the most popular EDI translation and mapping solution in the industry is that it does just that: Gentran translates inbound and outbound documents and data. And, Gentran executes this function extremely well and efficiently.

At some point as your company scales and your needs evolve, you’ll find you need more from your data than translation.

IBM offers IBM Sterling B2B Integrator for this exact situation.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator carries enterprise-level translation and mapping capabilities along with a host of other robust, industry leading features making B2B Integrator the ideal solution for companies that need more technology functionality.

A Few IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Features that go beyond Gentran’s capabilities:

  • Expanded support for industry standards
  • Business Process Management
  • Service orientated architecture (SOA) enablement
  • Enhanced security features
  • Business process management
  • Integration support

Moreover, IBM continues to develop tools and features to make migrating from Gentran to B2B Integrator as simple and efficient as possible. You can integrate your Gentran library with your new B2B Integrator investment.

If all your company needs is EDI translation, IBM Sterling Gentran is the tried-and-true solution for you. However, if you are finding you have either outgrown Gentran or that your company needs more than EDI translation, it may be time to explore IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.

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