The Benefits of EDI Mapping

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What is EDI Mapping and which tools should you use?

You’re probably familiar with electronic data interchange (EDI), but has your company taken advantage of EDI mapping yet? EDI mapping is a process that translates data into a format that you can use in different areas of your business.

Essentially, EDI transfers files between companies, and when a mapping software is utilized, it translates those files into formats like flat-file or XML to use your ERP and accounting systems. XML formats may also be used by business partners, if necessary.

How EDI Mapping Got Its Start

EDI mapping used to be a complex and time-consuming process using custom-built software to create links between accounting systems and the EDI software. Not only was this interaction complicated, but it was also expensive, which is how EDI mapping software got its start.

Companies found that EDI mapping saved them time and money over manually entering EDI data and enterprise organizations began to adopt EDI mapping on a large scale.

Not All Software is Created Equal

Although EDI Mapping software has come a long way from the days of custom-built systems, it’s still important to choose a software that meets your specific needs. Some mapping tools are easier to use than others.

Here are some criteria you should be looking for in an EDI mapping software:

Ease of Use

You need to be able to create mapping relationships through an interface that allows you to point and click, not translate documents from scratch.

Process Control

The ability to set parameters for the processing of your documents according to your company’s unique infrastructure and business needs.

Support for Non-EDI Formats

Even when you translate documents for EDI mapping, you still have to meet compliance requirements for your trading partners. Your solution should support XML documents, flat files, and other non-EDI formats.

IBM Sterling Gentran: Server: The Right Tools for the Job

We’ve found that IBM Sterling Gentran: Server is user-friendly while providing the process control and support that’s necessary for an EDI mapping tool. It’s important to use a tool that allows you to exchange documents and communications quickly and securely and that translates, stores and syncs with your existing business solutions. It’s extremely difficult to manage all of this data without the right software.

Not only is IBM’s Sterling Gentran: Server a great EDI mapping tool, but it’s also a comprehensive EDI solution for enterprise and ecommerce businesses. The solution is cost-effective and backed by IBM.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator: The Right Tools for the Job

Another powerful tool for mapping and translating is the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, featuring any-to-any mapping and translation capabilities. The transformation engine and data mapping tool will support all common EDI, XML and Internet standards for B2B transactions.

With incredible security, visibility and reporting, this solution accommodates complex B2B processes and makes scaling your business simpler with the ability to optimize processes for efficiency and scale. Your integrations will always be secure, and IBM Sterling B2B Integrator even provides disaster recovery for added peace of mind.

The Right Partner

Focused E-Commerce has deployed hundreds of IBM solutions for both mid-sized companies and large Fortune 500 brands. After so many years of doing integrations, our EDI map library is enormous and comprehensive.

As an IBM Business Partner, our experience working with IBM Sterling Gentran is unmatched, and we’ll support you through the implementation process to get you up and running smoothly.

To see how a partnership with Focused E-Commerce can reduce your implementation costs and get EDI mapping implemented at your organization, get in touch with us today!

We are here to answer all your EDI questions.

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